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Minamata Disease:
Minamata is a dangerous disease that can result to extreme cases such
as: Insanity, paralysis, coma, and death follow within weeks of the onset of symptoms.
  • Numbness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Narrowing of vision
  • damage to hearing and speech
Minamata was first discovered in Kamamoto Prefecture, Japan in 1956.
As of March 2001, 2,265 victims had been officially recognized.1,784 of whom had died.
A second outbreak of Minamata disease had broken in Niigata Prefecture in 1965.

Genetic Diseases:

Case Study – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
The traumatic turn of my life started out when I was in sport. Two days ago I had developed a dry cough. I didn’t think much of it and insisted that I go to school my parents easily agreed. I had started getting the chills a few days earlier but again it was nearly winter in Melbourne, so that was normal… I thought.
When we were doing our warm up in the gymnasium, running up and down the basketball court, I started to pant. I am very fit, and this was not normal. I kept pushing myself thinking it was just the air-conditioning. At the end of the warm up I had my hands on my head breathing hard. The teacher came over to me and demanded to know what was wrong. I tried to answer but couldn’t. Our teacher got one of my friends to bring me to the nurse. I nodded and went with my friend. The nurse told me to lie down on the bed and I did so. While I lay waiting, I fell to sleep.
When I woke I was in a white room with a curtain around me. A drip was in my hand and I was in a nightie. I started panicking. Nurses came rushing in trying to calm me down. Soon after, the doctors and my parents came into my ward. I could tell my mum had been crying and my dad looked heart broken. The doctors told me I had a serious disease called “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.” (SARS) We had travelled to Vietnam over the holidays and I had caught it from one of the villages. The Doctors said that I would experience: trouble in breathing, muscle aches, headaches and other breathing issues.

My name is Ryliey Shambot and I have SARS.

Excellent work here India, you show creativity and a lovely writing style.
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The scientists were looking to extract and create penicillin as an antibiotic. Fleming did originally discover the extraction of penicillin but did not proceed to research about penicillin’s uses.
Florey researched penicillin and discovered that it could be a medicine. Although Florey was not responsible for the discovery of penicillin (Fleming was the discoverer) he did get the credit for finding that penicillin could be made into an antibiotic.
1950’s penicillin was used throughout the world. The antibiotic would be used to cure major and minor diseases as no hygiene practiced. A lot of parents brought their children to get a vaccination to prevent their children from getting any dangerous diseases.
In the 18th century smallpox was a popular disease. One in three people died and the other two would probably be badly disfigured.
Jenner tested his theory by using an eight year old boy. Jenner injected him with the cowpox disease and waited for six weeks. The boy got sick but the effects were not as bad. Jenner later proved his theory to be right by injecting him with smallpox.

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