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Health and Diseases
What is Health?
  • Your body being able to fight of harmful bacteria.
  • Being strong mentally and physically
  • Being able to cope with changes in the environment
What is a Disease?
  • A disease is any disturbance in the functioning of the body that probably has a specific cause and symptoms.
Category of the disease
Communicable (a disease that can be passed around or you can catch from someone else)
Genetic ( a disease you can inherit)
Down Syndrome
Environmental ( a disease that is caused from the environment you live in)
Viral (a disease that can’t be treated by antibiotics)
Small pox
Lifestyle (A disease caused from the lifestyle you live in)
Lung Cancer
Mental (A disease that the person inflicts upon themselves)
Sexual (a disease caused from intercourse)

Case study- Small pox

Name of Patient
Shelley Shell-shocked
Patient No’
Date admitted
Date let out
Head ache
High fever
Overall discomfort
Severe fatigue
Severe back pain
Pusses (similar to measles)
Shelley Shell-shocked first came had an appointment on the first of January 2012 after experiencing a serious headache and nausea. Previously her symptoms were thought to be a hangover from the wild New Year’s party she attended the night before. The doctor checking her decided that it just was the start of flu and prescribed some antibiotics. A couple of days later Shelley returned to hospital in an ambulance, her body was covered in red blisters. She was vaccinated and immediately put into isolation as small pox can be very contagious. Doctors have asked how she got small pox as the World Health Assembly declared the world free of small pox in 1980 but she refuses to answer and claims she doesn’t know. Unfortunately for Sally, by the time she’s better again she’ll be scarred for life.

Name of scientist:
The Problem:
The Discovery:
The Implication on Society:
Because there was no decent hygiene, people could die from minor disease.
Penicillin was actually discovered by Fleming but Florey found out different ways to use it.
Penicillin is like an antibiotic that works for several diseases so that has helped tons of people.
An outbreak of small pox that threatened all. 1 out of 3 who got the disease died!!! (AISS 2012)
Jenner discovered that people who worked with cows got a milder disease called cow pox and didn’t get small pox. Jenner experimented by giving a boy cow pox, then small pox and the boy didn’t get sick. Jenner had created the first vaccine. (AISS 2012)
Jenner’s vaccine saved a countless amount of lives and in 1980 the WHO declared the world free of smallpox. (AISS 2012)
He wanted to see why beer and wine goes sour after a few days.
He discovered the microbes would die at different temperatures
He developed pasteurisation which is used to store milk and dairy products. It also led to other discoveries in science.

People were dying of bacterial infections in the War.
He discovered penicillin
His discovery has led to further investigation

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Great work with the case study Meghna.
You can add the links to sources you look at during your research, so that you can always know where you got the information from (even though you have clearly paraphrased it and made it your own).
You can add all your homework tasks to here (eg the Malaria One World practice task)
Off to a good start with your wiki page,
Mrs S