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Term 1
Unit-Body At War

January 27th

What is Minamata disease
Create a list of the different list of diseases, and find three more examples

Minamata disease:
Minamata disease is a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poison. Symptoms include clumsiness, numbness, muscle weakness, less eyesight and damage to hearing and speech. Originally from Japan. Also known as Chisso-Minamata from the Chisso Corporation that used to sell this highly toxic bioaccumulated chemical in shellfish and fish in Manimata Bay.

Diesease Catagories:
Non communicable- Heart disease, asthma, cancer
Viral-flu, measles, chicken pox
Genetic-down syndrome, colour blindness, sickle-cell disease
Social-AIDS, Chamydia, Syphills
Microbial-Tuberous, Anthrax, Botulsm

Minamata Disease

Great work with including the links from your research here James.

Case Study: #11 Anorexia
Back Story
I once met a kid named Horace Horatio, 11 years old. He was the shy guy in class that every one teased and really took it to heart. They mainly teased him because growing up he had grown into his skin properly and people though he was fat because he had some rolls around his stomach and neck. Horace started working out regularly at a gym with weights hoping it will make him lose the extra skin. Horace soon started skipping meals at lunch and recces at school and he stopped sitting with us and started running laps around the oval. His parents started talking to the school and some of Horace's friends and me had to talk to teachers. We told the teachers that Horace was exercising, eating little and working out regularly because some people were teasing him.
The teacher took him to counseling and after 6 months Horace recovered from being afraid and wasn’t teased again. But he never did fix his appetite and was always eating small meals and can back to sitting with us.
Good work, well contextualised.
Afraid of putting on the smallest amount of weight
Obvious dramatic weight loss
Soft fine hair appears on body
Very concerned with content of food
Eating very little in small pieces-often discarding or refusing to eat around others
Using drugs to rid of body waste
Frequent exercise
Sees self as over weight
Frequently cold
Depressed often
Bad breath, red cheeks from excessive vomiting, swollen joints, hair loss or thinking and stomach pains
Zinc may be added to diet
Fatty acids added to diet
Nutrition Counseling
Olanzapine-has been proven effective
Therapy-cognitive behavioral, accptance/commitment, cognitive remediation, family, maudsely family therapy's are all recommended for help

Pandemic 2-
Originally from a company-New Energy. The United States company tried to produce a new chemical battery and the tests failed and the bacteria became released into the world.
The diseases has no symptoms but is yet to evolve after effecting everybody. It will show symptoms of coughing and sneezing soon after pulmonary edema occurs along with hypersensitivity and then in the final stages hypotoina and liver failure.
To prevent the fast spread the Government hands out masks, enforce curfews, puts martiallaw into effect and burns dead bodies. The Government also closes hospitals schools, airports, shipyards and borders. It is also best to stay isolated
Phillips is very resistant to heat and moisture. So it is spread mostly through air
The disease is slowly cleaned by vaccine and soon exterminated but not without killing more than half the population

Hi James, a good analysis of your game play above.
Would help to have the key word prompts also, to show where the information you have provided matches, eg:
Cause, Treatment, Control, Prognosis etc...
Off to a very good start with your wiki page.
Following up from email.. Did you see the model answers for the Malaria task on our homework page?
Mrs S

Great Scientists-21/2/12

Scientist name
Discovery & How
Implications (then and today)
Howard Walter Florey
To find how Penicillin can be used
He was apart of the team that successfully extracted penicillin and found it useful as an antibiotic
Today we used Penicillin as an antibiotic and back then they used it in the military
Edward Jenner
Developed a small pox vaccine
He infected a 8 year old with cowpox to prove his theory because he noticed that victims of the smallpox before had cowpox and then when infected with small pox were not harmed
Everybody was vaccinated to stop further spread disease then and now
Louis Pasteur
Was investigating microbes in alcoholic beverages
Tested different beverages in different heats to see what got rid of the microbes a process called Pasteurization
Today the process if used on dairy products, proving that microbes are in the human body. There was also a vaccine for rabies and anthrax that is used now and then
Robert Koch
Was investigating harmful microbes
He studied Anthrax and its cells changed and then made conclusions and more tests
Today we understand microorganisms more. Then he could understand why some microorganisms did what they did
Alexander Fleming
To find a cure to bacterial infections
He searched for antibacterial agents and then rediscovered Penicillin to help develop the immune system
Today this is used as antibiotics and as a sterilizer. Before it was used to boost a solders immune system.

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Fighting the spread 23/2/12


Using Data

1. The major factor that i think changed the life expectancy from 1901-2001 is chemical cleansing, personal hygiene and use of medicines

2. I think that the females live longer because they are more cleaner than the males and do more hygienic work than the males

3. Could not copy graph over


1. Important measure to stop the spread of infections is personal hygiene, treated water and use of drugs

2. The cleanness of soap and water is needed because water can be used for drinking and we could drink pathogens and it is also important to have clean water because we can use it for cooking and if we have a shower with the infected water our whole body could become covered in pathogens and we can spread it further. Soap needs to be clean because we can use it to clean animals and food and can be spread more.

3. It is better to wear loose clothing in Summer because it allows perspiration to evaporate and does not attract diseases

4. An antibiotic is a resistance to bacteria or drugs used to treat them

5. Pasteurisation the process of heating up a liquid and then cooling it


1. Microbes and pathogens can be sterilized in high temperatures

2. The difference between a antiseptic and a disinfectant is a antiseptic is used from cleaning cuts and grazes and a disinfectant is used for killing microbes

3. Food should be covered when left on the benches because insects will be able to get to them if they are not

4. Doctors sometimes do not prescribe antibiotics because sometimes the disease is not affected and it could make the disease become resistance to medication

5. Chlorine in tap water is called a disinfectant because it does cleanse the water of diseases but it does keep its taste of chlorine making it seem unclean