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Term 1,

Health and Diseases - Amy Gordon 9z

HW - Due 22/2/2012 Date: 21st/2/2012

The Problem
The discovery / How they made it
The implications on society (then and today)
Howard Walter Florey
Diseases, infections

Edward Jenner
He extracted some puss from people who had cowpox and inserted the liquid into a 14 year old James arm he got sick but not seriously and about 6 weeks later James had not caught smallpox. Jenner's theory was proven.
It improved the society lots and not so many people died or caught the horrible disease.
Its not a problem now as the medication has improved over the years.
Louis Pasteur
Why beer and wine would go sour, he found microbes
He heated the alcoholic drinks and found out that it killed the unwanted microbes/bacteria. He called this Pasteurization
It enabled us to have dairy products without being ill. Pasteur also developed vaccinations for rabies.
He also inspired someone named Joseph Lister who found antiseptics to use during surgery which saves many of lives
Robert Koch


Alexander Fleming
Wanted to discover a cure to bacterial infections
He re-discovered Penicillin he named it antibiotic penicillin.
People today are trying to discover more cures to the disease and infections. His re-discovery saved lives and still does.

Howard Walter Florey
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HW: Design a Disease on Pandemic 2

Hi there Amy,
Your wiki page looks fantastic, very well organised - well done :-)
You can add all homework here (eg. the Malaria One World practice task too).
Off to an excellent start,
Mrs S

Due date: 6/2/2012

The Name of the Disease - Aquatine

Background Information - Aquatine is a highly contagious disease which started in South Africa. Aquatine is a disease which you get from drinking contaminated dirty water after floods and hurricanes. Unfortunately in South Africa there are a lot of poor people who drink the water to hydrate themselves, once this happens any interaction with someone else when sweating transfers the disease into that person.

Aquatine over the last few years has spread to every country and unfortunately in 2009 - 2011 10 million people world wide have died from this disease. As we speak scientist all over are trying to find a cure but unfortunately none have been found so far.

Cause - The cause is the bacteria in the contaminated water which mixes together to form Aquatine.

Risk factors - The risks are that it is very contagious and dangerous. Some hospitals refuse to take any patients in with this disease which is why so many people die.

Symptoms - Some of the miner symptoms are extreme fever, headaches and sweating. Some serious symptoms are breathing difficulties, nausea and then heart failure.

Treatment- Unfortunately there has yet to be a cure for this terrible disease but if you know someone who has this disease make each day worth it and give lots of TLC (tender loving care) as you never know when they may never wake up.

Control/ Prevention- the only way to control it is to drink clean water and get rid of anything which might have been contaminated with Aquatine. If you have it then you should stay in cool conditions to reduce sweating.

Prognosis - I believe that one day there will be a cure to this awful disease, and that millions will be saved from Aquatine. :)

HW - Create a case study for our given disease. Due: 30/1/2012

Patient: Peggy Pennington

Age: 28

Date: 29/1/2012

Symptoms: Blurred Vision, Fatigue, weight loss, Increased thirst and hunger

Peggy Pennington came into Park Way Hospital on the 29th of January 2012. Peggy has been feeling fatigue and her vision is now and then blurred. Her thirst and hunger has increased yet she is experiencing weight loss. This has been goings on for about a week and has not gone away. We will do some tests during the next visit.

Diabetes Type 1 :)

Good work here Amy... so the disease for this case study was...? Did any of your friends guess right?

HW: Due Friday the 27th January 2012 Date: Thursday, 26th January 2012

Look up minamata disease , what is it?
Is something which affects the nervous systems. It is caused by mercury poisoning. Some of the symptoms include numbness in the hands and feet, general muscle weakness and damage to hearing and speech. In some extreme cases you become paralyzed and may go into a coma, it can also be followed by death.
Minamata disease was first discovered in Japan in 1956

You can copy and paste the URL for the source/s you consulted, under any research tasks.

Create a list of all the categories of diseases and find 3 more examples

Infectious disease - Which is a contagious diseases or transmissible diseases. For example chicken pox
Autoimmune diseases - Is when your immune system attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake
Genetic diseases - Is when you are born with a disease for example Down Syndrome
Bacterial diseases‎ - a disease caused by bacteria
Viral diseases‎ - Is extremely widespread infections caused by viruses. They are contagious and spread from person to person and when a virus enters the body and begins to multiply an example is Flu (influenza)