Nick ART Task feedback

Create a disease
Name: The disastrous disease- bacteria
Back round info:
  • bacteria belongs to the phylum kingdom
  • bacteria doesn't have particular shape
  • Bacteria has one of the most fastest multiplying rates
The causes of the disastrous disease are caused by a sever case of bacteria. This bacterial primarally attacks the brain and lungs but also causes sever pain in your spine, kidney, and your neck.
400 cases out of 10000 people
Risk factors
  • Drug use
  • Homeless
  • Poverty
-Chest and back pains
-consistent coughing
-flu and fever
-loss of weight
-adrenalin ( to keep the body going bod going but I wont prevent the disease)
-Finish the entire course of medication

Hi there Nick,
A good start with your game play analysis above.
Be sure to add all your homework here, let me know if you need help.
Mrs S