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The human body is under constant attack by micro-organisms that threaten to cause us harm. However, the human body is an amazing machine that is up to the task of defending us from these organisms. This unit involves the study of disease types, causes, effects and our defences against them.

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:
  • Identify different categories of disease
  • Describe the causes and symptoms of some common diseases
  • Explain how our bodies defences protect us from infection
  • Understand the some of the contributions that scientists have made in disease prevention and treatments
  • Understand how antibiotics work
  • Diagnose some common diseases based on case studies

Key Words:
Health, Disease, Pathogen, Microbe, Bacteria, Virus, Antibody, Antigen, Communicable - Contagious (infectious), Non-communicable - Non- contagious (non-infectious), Degenerative, Vaccine, Vector, Antibiotic, Passive Immunity, Active Immunity, Epidemic, Pandemic, Plague, Infection, Spontaneous Generation

Week 1: Health, Disease and Case Studies
Week 2: Pathogens & Microscopic organisms
Week 3: Agar Plates and Pond Water
Week 4: Science and Society One World Task
Week 5: Defenses and the Immune System
Week 6: Vaccines and Great Scientists

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