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Minamata disease is a brain syndrome caused by serve mercury poisoning.
Symptoms include numbness in the hands and feet, muscle weakness and vision problems. It could kill you and put you in a coma.
It was discovered in Japan, in 1959.

Bacterial Disease- Epiglottis, Foot rot.
Tropical Disease- Malaria, Dengue Fever, Chagas Disease.
Environmental Disease - Minamata, Asthma.

Patient Study

I once met a boy called Steven who was infected with Botulism. He was only 4 years old. He was infected when he was a infant.
Botulism is a disease caused by food poisoning. It normally affects infants, when they take bacteria affected types of food. Their digestive system cannot deal
with the bacteria so it affects the infant.
Symptoms start after 8-36 hours after infected.
Symptoms include muscle weakness, difficulty speaking, difficulty swallowing, and droopy eyelids. It numbs the nerves in your face therefore causing blank expressions on the face, (loss of expression) and droopy eyes. It could also have symptoms such as dry mouth and throat, and disruptions in the nervous systems. Serve cases of Botulism, include respiratory failure. They could have trouble breathing and suffer from shortness of breath for the rest of their lives. If untreated it could put the patient in a coma, and death.

Most infant botulism patients require supportive care in a hospital setting. The only drug currently available to treat infant botulism is Botulism Immune Globulin Intravenous-Human (BIG-IV or BabyBIG).

BabyBIG was developed by the Infant Botulism Treatment and Prevention Program at the California Department of Public Health.

The respiratory failure and paralysis that occur with severe botulism may require a patient to be on a ventilator for weeks, plus intensive medical and nursing care. After several weeks the paralysis will improve.
If diagnosed early, it could be cured with antitoxin, which blocks the toxins circulating in your blood.
Parents should also avoid eating honey, as some honey has bacteria that is harmful to infants.

There facial symptoms stated above have no cure. (Botox can be used but it is not effective)

Steven Still lives a normal life, he can still walk, and talk. He sometimes slurs his words and stutters. He doesn't really have difficulty swallowing, as that symptom is rare. He used botox for his facial symptoms, but it wasn't effective. His muscles are working fine, but he cant really lift stuff for more than about 30 seconds. He use his arms to move objects around but he cannot lift any bulky objects. He continues to live a healthy life, and is attending school regularly. His intestines are fine, he can eat any type of food. Of course he can now eat honey, but he prefers not to eat it. ( or rather his mom prefers him not to eat it).

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Well done including your sources here Navin.
Did/do you really know Stephen?
A well written first case study - well done.

1. Design a Disease
From your creating in the game Pandemic 2, complete the following:
Name of the disease- The name of my disease is Arsenalisation. (great name!)
Background information for the disease- It started in the air as the plane food, had some bacteria on the plane, causing an infection. It soon spread.

Risk factors
Symptoms (diagnosis)- Symptoms are vomiting, sweating, dementia, diarrhea, coughing and sneezing, later parts include kidney failure.
Treatment- They are creating a vaccination but it will take year to complete.
Control- The government put people under house arrest, and buy the groceries for them. People who are infected are put in hospital, so doctors where masks.
Prevention – The prevention is just to stay home and chill while the government buy your groceries.
Prognosis- The likely outcome for the illness is death as Arsenalisation is a rare and fatal disease. The symptoms are very incurable.

Questions For Homework.
Write a definition of a disease in your own words.
A disease is something that effects the functioning of your body. It affects you physically and mentally. Some diseases can be fatal but some can be cured.

a disease is a condition that prevents or stops the body, or any of its parts, from working well.

List 5 ways the body can protect it's self.

The first line of defense, the second line of defense, the last line of defense, cells and the immune system.

What is inflammation and what causes it?
Inflammation is when a certain part of your body swells, becomes tender and fails to preform. Inflammation is a sign that the
body's defense system is at work.
What is pus?
Pus is a mixture of dead skin and white blood cells.

What do white blood cells do?
Some types of white blood cells move into the damaged area and act like scavengers as they surround and destroy foreign particles

Chemical Barriers-
Some microbes penetrate the body’s protective barriers and enter the internal tissues. There they encounter a variety of chemical substances that may prevent their growth. These substances include chemicals whose protective effects are incidental to their primary function in the body, chemicals whose principal function is to harm or destroy invaders, and chemicals produced by naturally occurring bacteria.
Physical Barriers- Physical Barriers is our skin that avoid contact with microbes.

The bloodstream carries blood while the Lymphatic system carries fluid. The similarities are they are both part of the circulatory system.

Lymph Node and Spleen.
They both protect the body, Both involves fluid and both of them fight infection.

The body can destroy microbes with the T&H cells.
The mouth, nose and blood(wounds and cuts)

Great work putting your homework here Navin.
Your answers show good understanding from the reading material that went with these questions.
An excellent start to your wiki page.
Well done,
Mrs S

Problem (Disease)
Discovery and how they made it
Impact on Society
Howard Walter Florey
Not enough medicine.
He discovered that penicillin was a medicine and antibiotic. He researched the properties of penicillin.
By the 1950's, penicillin was widely used around the world to cure different types of infectious diseases. A lot of parents brought their kids to have a vaccination to prevent their children from contracting any deadly diseases. Even minor diseases could cost a life because there was no practice of hygiene then. Instead of curing patients, doctors could kill them by infecting their cuts or wounds.
Edward Jenner
That people who had been effected with cow pox could not get small pox. He tested this on a 8 year old boy.
He created a cure for smallpox, and saved many lives.
The reasons that beer and wine would go sour, making it taste unpleasant and unfit to drink.
He found round shaped microbes and rod-shaped microbes in the alcohol.
He discovered that by heating these he could kill all the bacteria.
He did on cheese and dairy products to kill all the bacteria.
. Developed pasteurization which is used all over the world especially for dairy products
. Pasteur developed vaccines for anthrax and rabies
Robert Koch
Harmful microbes
Discovered that
Anthrax could survive for long periods of time.
Studied of bacteria.
Saved lives from Anthrax.
Alexander Flemming
Bacterial Infections.
He searched for antibacterial agents.
He discovered that antiseptics killed the patients immune system more effectively than it killed the bacterial infection.
He also discovered vey early that bacteria developed immunity to the antibiotic if not enough penicillin is used.
On September 28th, 1928, Fleming revolutionized medicine with his discovery of Penicillin. The discovery was more or less accidental. Fleming was showing a visitor his work and went to go fetch some dishes that had just been disinfected when he noticed an area on a dish that the bacteria was not growing on. He examined the dish more carefully and extracted the substance, therefore revolutionizing science.
Studied bacterial infections and probably saved lives.
Introduced antibiotics.
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Life Expectancy's for Australian's
Life Expectancy- Males
Life Expectancy- Females.
55 years.
59 Years.
72 Years.
79 Years.
77 Years.
82 Years.

  1. The ability to treat diseases and to modernize medicine and anti-biotic. Also the ability to kill bacteria.
  2. Females have a higher life expectancy because they do not work as much and in their life, do not waste energy and are less likely overweight than men.
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Remember Questions.
  1. Washing your hands when you handle food and keeping clean when you change clothes.
  2. The chemicals in the soap probably kill bacteria and the water washes of the chemicals and bacteria when you are done.
  3. So that insects or bacteria enter the food.
  4. Antibiotics is an substance that kills or slows down the growth of bacteria.
  5. Yes because it kills pathogenic bacteria in the water.
  6. Insecticide would probably kill the fish and other living things in the lake with the toxic chemicals in the spray. It could also pollute the lake. It could kill the marine life in the pond.
  7. Pasteurization is the process of heating food and drink. Then cooling it immediately this process kills microbes and harmful bacteria.
  8. It is better to wear lose clothing in the summer as you perspire and sweat and it is bad for your personal hygiene. It allows the skin to cool and helps the skin as it helps it become cooler. It also increases air circulation.
  9. Chlorine could be used as an disinfectant because it is used in pools and spas as a way to kill bacteria that dwell in water. The chlorine in tap water could be used as it kills all the germs that the tap water has and purifies it, making it possible for the general public to drink it and to use it for cooking.

1. Wheels and gears are very similar because they both rotate around a fulcrum. The wheel rotates around an axle and a gear rotated around another gear.
2. Bikes, Rudders, Cars, Car windows, Engines, DVD players.
3. A gear can magnify force when the big gear is is rotating before the small gear. If you want to change the direction you have to add another gear.
4. A driving gear is like a DVD player it functions automatically when it is playing the disc. A driven hear like the one a bike has to be paddled for it to move.
5. A gear can be connected (joined together) by a chain just like a bike. It could also be joined to each other like a common cog.
6. On the gears in contact the gears have a ratio. The number of "teeth on 1 gear to the other". The ones attached to belts do not have a gear ratio.
7. On a bike the big gear has torque meaning that it rotates slowly but with more torque (force). Which means it magnifies the force.